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The first step  to start your journey is to register or create your account. You can either register with Email, Google or Facebook


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You can list new or used items. Depending on the category in which you sell you can have the possibility to create up to three free listings. If you would like to list  more items, you may  have to  purchase a subscription package.


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To reach customers much  quicker you have to boost your listing. You can either buy a subscription package and boost many ads or  pay a boosting fee to boost a single listing.

We make selling easy for you

Our team of expert digital marketers, tech personnels and designers are working tirelessly to create powerful adverts from all chanels to bring buying intent customers to this platform so they can contact you to  buy from you directly

Selling Tips

Write a standout title

  • We recommend search terms that buyers often use, so be sure to add these in the title.
  • Avoid all caps and focus on specific details like brand, model, size, and color.

Take high-quality photos

  • Snap your items from multiple angles in a well-lit place, and capture any blemishes for transparency.
  • Make sure your images have space around to ensure full image fit

Set the right price

  • We will recommend a price based on recent sales of similar items.
  • You can even watch how other sellers are pricing their items, or use Best Offer to negotiate and sell faster.

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To get started, create an account on the my account pageYou can access the my account page from the avatar icon in the top menu. Chose register option if you are a first time subscriber. You can either register with email, google, or facebook. 

Verified Seller Listings is dedicated to the automobile industry giving you the perfect market where you can sell and rent cars and vehicles of all categories, from light to heavy duties. You can also sell automobile parts, and sell or rent motor bikes.

NOTE: We do not permit the selling of anything that can harm the society in any way.

VS-LISTINGS List Ads can help you build your business with effective advertising tools that create a meaningful connection between you and our nationwide and cross border community of passionate buyers  and help you sell your items faster. Stand out among millions of listings on VS-LISTINGS List by putting your items in front of interested buyers no matter the size of your budget. VS-LISTINGS List connects you with buyers so they can contact you directly to do business with you.

Depending on the category, you can have the possibility to create up to three(3) free listings or have to pay before you can list an item. For the best experience, you will either purchase a subscription or membership which gives you the possibility to boost several ads (see subscriptions), or boost a single listing to get excellent results (see prices).

You can create a listing at your convenience. You can also boost your listing or create your ad any time your listing is approved. Listings are usually approved within two(2) hours after created because all listings go through a verification process before approval.

The verification process of every listing normally takes a maximum of two(2) hours before they can go live to be visible by customers. We verify to ensure that you do not sell harmful items to  the society and or government.

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