Listing best practices

From picture taking tips to descriptions and pricing guidance. Here’s what you need to list, sell, and make more cash.

List like a pro

There are five parts to creating a perfect listing;

  1. Title
  2. Item specific
  3. Description
  4. Quality photos
  5. Price

How to make tour listings better

Following these best practices can take your listings from good to great, helping you sell more.

When you select the right category, that can be the difference between making a sale and a buyer missing your item. Since buyers can filter their searches by category, choosing the most relevant category—and adding a second category—can help your listing reach the right customers.

Try to begin your titles with relevant keywords and organize them in a readable, logical order. Don’t use acronyms, like NIB, that buyers may not understand. Avoid words in all caps or characters like asterisks unless they’re part of your product’s name.

Examples of perfect listing titles:


  • Toyota Camry 2015, USA model, automatic, fuel type: patrol, Full option, left hand drive, halogen head lamps


  • Hallmark 2019 Disney Beauty and The Beast Bonjour Keepsake Ornament Pre-owned

Pro Tip: Perfect titles AND item specifics help searchability of your listings.

When you select item specifics for your listings, provide as many recommended item specifics as possible and choose from the options we provide. Item specifics include size, brand, color or style.

Include detailed product descriptions with brand names, styles, and model numbers. Make sure to include unique qualities and potential flaws.

High-quality pictures boost your customers’ confidence in your listing. Follow our photography tips for inspiration and help.

Decide whether auction-style or fixed-price is right for you.

What is Auction-style?

  • Choose a starting price and your customers can place bids. When the auction ends, the highest bidder buys the item at that price.

What is Buy-It-Now?

  • For fixed-price listings, your customers know the exact price they need to pay for your item and can purchase it immediately. No bidding required.

List using both

  • You can add a Buy-It-Now option to an Auction-style listing. Your buyers can either purchase your item immediately or place a bid.

Not sure where to start on pricing? Use our research tools to see what similar items sold for in the past 60 days.

Buyers can make offers on your item and you can choose to accept or decline them, or make a counteroffer.

Increase your reach by sharing what you’re listing with your social communities.

To stand out above all other listings in the same category,  boosting your listing or buying a subscription is the ideal solution.

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