Why The Suicide Squad Just Bombed

Globalization and Global Problems in the World

The term globalization is widely used in scientific literature, social journalism and politics. It is described as strengthened economic interdependence and interrelationship between all countries of the world.

Future of Malaysia

Ever since Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir had stepped down, Malaysia has been going towards self destruction. What is now one of the developing nations is heading towards a third world country if the country is still unable to solve its problems.

The Things a Kenyan Woman Has to Go Through on a Daily Basis

Kenya is a male dominated State. What a man has achieved in a year, a woman has to work twice as hard as the man to attain it in the same period of time. In the past, she has been highly discriminated in the office, at home and in the general society. Cases of sexual harassment have been reported in these places too. A Kenyan woman is expected to be a wife, a mother and bring back home something by the end of the day.

Blood Diamonds Re-Surface in the Public Eye

Global Witness, an international NGO whose goal is to expose corrupt exploitation of natural resources & international trade systems and human rights abuses worldwide, has brought the issue of ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘conflict diamonds’ back into public attention. With its recent release of a report entitled, Return of the Blood Diamond, Global Witness describes a violent state of affairs in the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe.

Water Disputes, Power Plants, and the Pakistani-India Negotiations

Water Disputes are getting much more common today than in prior decades. In Baghdad Iraq, they are running out of water, and negotiating with Turkey for more. In the Palestinian Territory they are fuming because they want Israel to release more water. The Mekong River in China, which also runs along its border and into other nations is now dry for those downstream. One big water dispute that you may not have heard of is between Pakistan and India; why is this significant?

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