Who Was the Real Lone Ranger?

Peasant Class Plight in Pakistan – From the Podium to the Powerful to the Revolutionary Dreamers

So many nations are on the verge of being toppled, as the natives are restless, and people are angry. We see challenges in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Honduras, and throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. In fact, even in the United States we recently saw the Tea Party, mad as heck, literally rock the House of Representatives by way of storm – thankfully they did it at the voting boxes, without a shot being fired.

Violence in Mexico

What we hear on the news about violence in Mexico, is one of the most shocking topics that we hear from people’s mouth. This is important to us because we understand that Mexico has great vacation spots and one of the warmest weather in the planet. A lot of people like to go to Mexico and have a great time but it won’t be a great time if a tourist is found dead in the middle of the street due to all the drug cartels in the surrounding areas.

What Do Many Poor People in Pakistan Think About Property Rights?

In the US we have private ownership of land but in many countries they believe in common ownership of land. In other words the land belongs to everyone, no one should own the land because god gave it to everyone, not one person. Therefore, no one has the right to hog up the land.

US Counter Terrorism Officials Missing the Hidden Jihad

Recent events in Times Square, over the skies of Detroit, at Ft. Hood, and the placement of an American citizen on a CIA hit list as a clear and present danger to American security because of his involvement in all three of these incidents, reveal that the danger of Islamist terrorism in the Homeland is far from over. Yet almost nine years after the 9/11 attacks, our counter terrorism agencies were surprised by these incidents, and dismayed to find that three of the four incidents involved American citizens.

The Burning Days Are Back – At Least In Ghana

In light of recent global reports, I feel that I need to share this news article that I’ve read about the country of Ghana, in an effort to re-caution the already cautious made witch about the incredible degree of ignorance that is shared amongst the political “muggles”, especially when we leave our homes riding our broomsticks. What I am warning about is the progressive/religious radical bowel movement in congress that sits opposed to most human intelligence and to bring to light why over the last couple of years we’ve just been smelling something nasty burning in the cauldron!

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