US VS. JAPAN IN EPIC WWII DOGFIGHT | Biggest Battle of WWII | History

Immigration – History’s Forgotten Story

A look at how the life, language and culture of Britain has been shaped irrevocably by immigration over thousands of years. Includes a look at how invaders and economic migrants alike have contributed to our national heritage and why current concerns about the issue will prove to be misplaced.

Pakistan – India at War in Less Than 2 Years?

India has blocked Pakistani water from the top three rivers due to which Pakistan is facing a huge water shortage. The situation is worsening and within two years when there will be no water for Pakistani agriculture and electricity than there is a huge chance of a Pakistan-India nuclear war.

What We Share With Ireland

My wife and I recently returned to New Hampshire from a ten day vacation to County Galway in Ireland. While there I wanted to get a sense of how the global economic decline was impacting the Irish. The news has been that they have been experiencing their own boom and bust story and I wanted to see how it may be similar or different from our own. I found that we share much that is troubling.

Dowries Are Still Enforced in India

Dowries have a long history in many parts of the world. Many Americans associate the idea of dowries with Shakespeare and his era. That’s a historical mistake. The custom of paying a dowry survives to this day in India.

The French Also Live Abroad

A recent survey by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs found nearly 1.5 million French living abroad and registered with the local French consulate. However, as registration with the consulate is not mandatory, officials estimate that the true figure of those living abroad is around 2 million.

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