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‘We Pray For God to Protect Him’ (As Opposed to Shoe Throwing!)

In sharp contrast to the unwelcoming shoe hurled at President Bush in his last media conference in the Middle East, President Obama and his speech were very well-received in Egypt and the rest of the Muslim-majority world. The audience in Cairo University interrupted the speech 23 times by waves of applause (that is just slightly above average by Middle Eastern standards, especially when the cheering crowd is hand-picked by the Egyptian State Security Investigations).

Egypt – Between Regional Security and Democratization Failure

The recent visit of President Husni Mubarak of Egypt to Washington indicates a new “warmth” in the American-Egyptian relations after a short period of coldness during the second term of the Bush administration. The latter understood that repressive autocrats produce violent theocrats who ultimately haunt America, the West and the rest.

Islamist Electoral Losses and Iran

Coming on the heel of President Obama’s speech in Cairo, the swift march of events seems to have energized voters in Lebanon and Iran who turned out in a record number. President Obama did mention the imperative of upholding minority rights; and singled out both the Christian Maronites of Lebanon and the Copts of Egypt.

Chinese Colonization, Exploration, and Territorial-ization of Mars Considered

Will the Chinese try to colonize Mars, or set up a Military Base on the Moon? Most that are watching China’s growth, GDP, and exploits do not see why that wouldn’t be the next logical step and forward progression. It appears that China will be the first human civilization to put humans on Mars, and this judgment merely based on their current lunar mapping project by way of space probe.

India Economy – Overview of Indian Market

The economy of India is now the twelfth largest financial system in the world according to the market exchange rates and the fourth largest through purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. But now in current times, India is under one of the fastest growing economic countries in the world. Due to the involvement of the industries and the rigid environment, the economy is moving towards continuous improvement.

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