Top 5 Amazing Details In The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

A Relatively New World

As we make technological advances in our world culture we also are modifying and changing the past paradigms. A great example of this is the evolution of the newspaper industry. What they publish is picked up and disseminated to the public over the internet in almost real time and worldwide and for free.

Agonies of a Village of Wailing Widows

At the end of the day what matters is that Dardpora is a success story which reinforces the belief that women, though soft and vulnerable, have it in them to stand up against all odd and transform not only their own lives but also of those around them. Whereas till a few years ago, the name, Dardpora, itself symbolized pain and sufferings; today it is one of the finest examples of women’s empowerment and change, for the better.

What Makes Varun Gandhi Angry?

Feroz Varun Gandhi – is a classic example of a kindergarten politician trying to break the rules to jump the queue and reach the upper echelons of the political heirarchy in a jiffy. He may have been nothing but a relatively unknown, up and coming politician till the other day – but today he is one of the hottest subjects of political debate both in the Indian ruling and opposition parties. Instead of climbing up the hard way he decided to make it big by giving irresponsible speeches. Will the move back fire on him?

Why Are NRI’s Returning to India?

Non Resident Indians or NRI’s are making a comeback to their homeland. In recent times, the number of NRIs returning home is growing rapidly. The NRIs appear to be an attractive resource pool to many multinational companies in India. Indian companies in the US are wooing Indians in USA to take up job offers in their homeland. Many Indians in USA are realizing the need to be with their close family like their aged parents, brothers, sisters and other close family members.

New World Order Must Require G-20 Nations to Pay to Play

The President’s effort to elicit the trust and cooperation of our global community makes sense and should be applauded. The world would be better off if the U.S. remains its leader. However, in a New World order with the U.S. sharing the status of just one nation among many, I would hope that it would share its resource burdens accordingly. Going forward every member nation wanting to “play” should have to “pay” for the privilege, because partnerships work best when all partners have a meaningful stake invested in their success.

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