Top 20 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches That Became Successful

Iran Revolution and the Implications For World Economies

If you haven’t heard about what’s going on in Iran, the last 10 days or so, then it is likely you are living in a bubble. The world is watching ordinary Iranian citizens uprise against the tyranny of a government they are living under. These people seek 2 main things. Freedoms that we have in the Western World, and to, as a nation, be friends with the outside world, something that the current presidential regime has not been trying to accomplish. Will the Iranians succeed at overthrowing their government and creating a new free, powerful nation? It’s possible, but I won’t speculate on the chances. I will however take a brief look at how a new democratic government in Iran could change the world economy for good.

Mixing a New Curry – 3 Steps to an Economic Quantum Leap For India

One of my predictions is that the new middle class of the world in a generation or two ahead will be in India while the current middle classes of the traditional western world will diminish. Create or disintegrate. This will naturally represent a major shift in the world economies. The western world does not perceive this as threat and is fairly relaxed about its coming for some currently obvious reasons.

Manpower of Third World Countries

Manpower is one of the most critical components of human prosperity and can even be considered as the sin qua non of the economic growth of structured organizations. The goal of this article is to present the current status of manpower in third world countries specially Pakistan.

Russia – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Russia is truly the land of unlimited opportunities where with the right connection and decisions everyone can become a millionaire or even a billionaire. Well it may sound cheesy, but as they say in Russia everything is possible.

Guantanamo and the Uighurs – The Story of China’s Other Minority – Part I

Out of the nine to ten million Uighurs worldwide, it is arguable that 22 of them have brought more media attention to the plight of their 8 million brothers in China than any advocacy campaign has in at least a decade. These 22 men were not activists seeking a platform; they were just unfortunate enough to get swept up in the American War on Terror.

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