Top 20 Perfect Rom-Com Kisses

The Emperor’s Speech

Americans can be excused if we do not understand why a constitutional democracy would have a royal head of state. But in times of dire need, people who were raised in a monarchy know why they want one.

Top 10 Weird Presidential Facts

1. The induction of Andrew Johnson as Abraham Lincoln’s vice-president in 1865 was marred a little by the fact that Johnson was incredibly drunk. He’d been downing whiskey in an effort to medicate himself for typhoid fever (that was his excuse, anyway) and was so far gone by the time he was sworn in that he garbled his oaths, and had to abandon his attempts to swear in new senators.

UN General Assembly Functions

The general assembly is seen as one of the chief organ of the United Nations organization. It could be recall that the united nations was conceive as the answer to a world torn by license and anarchy and ravaged by the excess of aggressive, self-centered national states. Almost from its inception, the United Nations was transformed into an arena of power jostling, and the lesser states were not long in using the world body for their own largely exclusive pursuits.

Matters of Maritime Security Around the World

When spoken about, maritime security is directly related to sea criminals that operate in Somalia causing terror and fear among sailors and crew member. It is not news that they do exist and are a major threat to the navy and maritime security private companies, however the matter is increasing in importance. Many localized areas around the world are targeted with these kind of issues and due to the poor legislation in which still lacks to cooperate with naval workers, does not prevent many incident from occurring.

Can ‘Charter Cities’ Create Opportunity?

Each year about 75,000 Hondurans try to reach the United States to seek economic opportunity. A new plan, however, would try to bring opportunity to Hondurans rather than the other way around.

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