Top 20 Movies Ruined by The Mythbusters

War and Conflicts

In August 2008, just as the Olympic Games in China were getting under way, war erupted between the country of Georgia and the region of South Ossetia, which are both located to the east of Turkey and just below Russia in the South Caucasus. Officially, South Ossetia is indeed a part of Georgia, but it considers itself as a separate nation. Georgia, which is an ally of the United States of America, began shelling the capital of south Ossetia, which is supported by Russia on the other side, in an effort to regain control of the breakaway region….

Install Country’s First New Refinery

Establishment of a new refinery at Lagos is a public private partnership project. This project was initiated to resolve the problem of perennial shortages of by- products of natural resources at Nigeria, while Nigeria has abundance of natural resources but underutilized. The establishment of this project made many officials and business persons to take Lagos flights to take their part in this launching.

People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the seventh most populous country in the world and third most populous Muslim country. More than one hundred and fifty million people call Bangladesh home. There are many problems which are faced by the Bangladesh, but there is huge potential. It is a young country and needs time to flourish into a stable and prosperous country.

Sustained Growth of a China Bearing Industry

Due to the national policies in stimulation of the domestic demands and the joint efforts of bearing enterprises, China bearing industry has achieved various economic goals. It is predicted that with the improvement of the economic situation at home and abroad, the bearing industry in China will maintain the growing development in 2010 as well as the following years. The year of 2010 is the last year for the implementation of the “Eleventh Five-Year” plan.

Middle East New Reports: Obama and Ahmadinejad Interaction a Bit Different Than Described

Anne Bayefsky is a widely known Human Rights Activist with a resume that goes on for miles. In a recent report published through MGI News, Bayefsky describes events at the opening of the General Assembly in New York City, New York a bit differently than major new affiliates. While affiliates in the United States were focusing on the claims of a United States connection to the September 11th attacks, Bayefsky describes a President Obama many Americans may not see.

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