Top 20 Animated Movie Rip-Offs

Let’s Go Green With Nigeria At 50

Nigeria is among the countries of the world where the colour green plays a very important role. From the simple landscape to the exotic and untapped resources of the great nation, the colour green is not missing. Nigeria’s flag is a rectangular strip that is divided into three equal parts. The major colours are in green. This represents the county’s land and agricultural potential, while the white colour represents peace and unity.

Nigeria At 50: The Way Forward For Her Education

It is no longer news that the rate of failure in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the National Examinations Council (NECO) exams; the two foremost examinations students have to undertake for successful completion of secondary school, and to qualify for admission into higher institutions of learning, have increased tremendously over the years. The percentage of failure as Nigeria turned fifty this year is so alarming as over 70% of students who undertook the aforementioned examinations failed Mathematics and English Language.

We Need to Stop Worldwide Hunger Now!

The hunger situation in this country is horrible with 1 in 8 American families relying on assistance just to put food on the table. I strongly encourage people, restaurants and grocery stores to donate as much food as they possibly can to end this serious problem.

Origin of Samurai

There are a lot of Japanese words that become known worldwide. Judo might have been the first one as the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 introduced it to be an official sport in the Olympic games.

Can Israel Survive?

Discussion of American foreign policy. The Israel-Palestinian conflict.

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