Top 10 Video Games That Were Killed by Controversy

Why Katyn Still Haunts Us

New evidence hints FDR knew who committed the Katyn Forest massacre. Even today, we tend to give allies a pass on inhumanity.

What Respect Means to the World

Americans have historically paid little attention to the impact their views about rights and freedoms can have on people of other cultures. Our traditional values presuppose that self-reliant individuals can succeed by their own efforts. As our interdependence on world neighbors becomes more evident, however, we need to revisit our attitude toward respect if we want to be good citizens on the world stage.

Will Libya Slip Back Into a Civil War Without Government Control?

If a government is weak and the population divided, it only takes a spark to set a full-scale revolution in progress. If you have religious sects vying for control, you are already half way there, throw in a bit of international influence, and it’s very hard to prevent. Okay so, with all this known and with my “citation” being “history” let’s go ahead and talk about Libya in 2012 and moving forward shall we?

The Shadow Side of Salt Spring Island

This writing is applicable to everyone, which is how it tends to be when inspired from the Heart. I didn’t know when I decided to create a blog featuring the Shadow archetype, that the circumstances of my life on Salt Spring Island during the summer of 2006 would surface still seeking to be exposed. My intuition knew otherwise.

Smuggling of 3.5 Billion Hilsa Per Annum to India!

Subsidy Money goes to the Big Fish instead of the Fishermen. ‘Jatka (Young Hilsa) Preservation Fails and so Hilsa Yield is Never Achieved.

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