Top 10 Unfinished Video Game Levels We Never Got

Technology News – 3 Inventions That Shaped Current Advancements

The list of impressive inventions is so long that finding just three is quite difficult, but let’s try in light of groundbreaking technology news, and its effect on human life. Yes things like wheel, the fire, language, and even writing can there in list, but they are quite early for the times sake. Computers have totally revolutionized and advanced the human life as nothing before.

North Korea and South Korea Poised to Present a Distraction From the Global Economic Crisis

North Korea fired artillery into civilian areas of South Korea’s island of Yeonpeong in the early morning hours on November 23 claiming it to be an inadvertent mistake during a training exercise. North Korea is said to have retaliated with artillery fire of its own. A prior conflict between the two nations lead to nearly 2 million deaths. Leaders in the region warn against escalation and overreaction. This comes after an attack…

“Waity Katy” Waits No More!

What exciting news to wake up to this morning. It’s about time we had another Royal wedding and Prince William has finally popped the question to Kate Middleton.

Nke Anyi Ji Ka: A Word of Meanings

The Igbo people are the occupants of the South Eastern part of the geographical entity called Nigeria. The Igbo have often been described as the tough specie of root that serves in the times of great adverse conditions, the great republicans of all times, a great star, and a people that refuse death while they are still living. Apart from being great patriots, the Igbo are indeed, God’s own people. God stands for them and is glorified in their midst.

Nigeria: A Nation Threatened By Pseudo-Religion

Despite being the giant of Africa, Nigeria is a nation that is widely known for its religious affiliation. There are so many religious divides in this country of over 150 million people. Though highly dominated by the Christians and the Muslims, Nigeria’s nationhood hangs on a balance. This diversity in religion is one of the things that constitute a major threat to the country in taking positive steps towards attaining nationhood.

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