Top 10 Underrated Video Games Of The 90s

2 Months Underground: The Chilean Mine Timeline

The world has been gripped by the miners that have been trapped underground for two months. This is a timeline featuring the major events and breakthroughs during this period.

What A Passport Does And Potential Future Designs

A passport is a document that is issued by a government that is required if one of its citizens is to travel internationally to another country via land, sea or air. These passports are presented at the borders into other countries and are generally required to have a visa to enter but this depends on the relations between the two countries for example citizens that governments are part of the European Union do not need visas to travel and can cross these countries quite liberally.

International Grants Save the Day

Today is an age of rapid globalisation. In this age, each aspect and problem of a single nation has a lasting impact on the international economic, social and political scenario. Thus, the whole world is experiencing intensive networking and assistance, between its various wings, thereby becoming one global village.

The Land-Mark Judgment of India That Set at Rest 60-Years Communal Dispute

The world watched with amazement a latest landmark judgment of Indian High Court of Allahabad for two reasons – one the legal wrangle went on for 60 years between two religious communities and two – it averted a major communal clash anticipated because of the sensitiveness of the dispute. This article throws more light on the subject.

Baroud: Lebanon’s Napoleon of Traffic

And the title goes to… Ziyad Baroud, minister of Interior and Municipalities… applause? This title could be added to Baroud’s collection, but he should perhaps take a closer look at it since it is not as notable as the others.

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