Top 10 Ugliest Cars From the 90s

Journey From Tigerpore to Singapore

The article is about the legend that surrounds the naming of Singapore, other intriguing myths and facts that still are a subject of debate. The present vibrant Singapore was once a land of roaring tigers.

Gain Awareness, Take Action

When people learn about Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery often their first response is I thought slavery was abolished at the end of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. What they don’t realize is that although slavery is not legal on any continent, it is prevalent on every continent.

Valuing Historical Documents

This article talks about the importance of valuing archival documents as a basic foundation of American freedom. Society should make a commitment to properly care for historical documents to ensure their security and help humanity move more successfully toward the future.

The Immigration Debates Continued

According the the latest news the US will be placing 1200 National Guardsmen on the 2,000 mile US/Mexico border. This after years of a nearly open door policy, is set set to take place September 1, 2010.

Why Do People Migrate to Australia?

Australia boasts of a high growth economy with political stability, multicultural society with a high standard of living, and a temperate climate with a stunningly beautiful landscape. Most people are attracted to a better lifestyle and Australia offers one of the best options.

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