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What’s the Best Way to Deal With Iran Right Now?

Obviously, economic and financial sanctions are not having a very immediate effect on Iran’s decision to give up its nuclear weapons manufacturing process. Does this surprise anyone, “not I,” said me at a recent think tank discussion. Whereas, many academic intellectuals believe this is the proper way forward, I say that’s just pure “rubbish, it’s poppycock” if you ask me.

Arab Spring – But Was It Really Worth It?

Okay so, I guess it goes without saying that think tanks talk about global politics, world events, international relations, and world-trade. Thus, no one should be surprised when I say that we have a few thoughts on the Arab Spring events of 2011, well, one could actually call them the Arab Perennial events of circa 2011 to 2014 or who knows how long all this mass protesting civil unrest might go on. Let’s discuss this for a moment shall we?

Actions Speak Larger Than Words in the Middle East

Personally, and I’m just speaking for myself, I don’t believe anyone on this planet actually believes that Iran having a nuclear weapon is a good thing. I realize that at the United Nations, that Russia and China are reluctant to vote on any sort of global action on either Iran or Syria. Indeed, I also understand that Russia and China are trading partners with Syria and Iran.

What Is the Red Cross?

Most people have heard of the Red Cross, whether it be on TV, the radio or on the street! But who exactly are they? What do they do?

Demands of Middle Eastern Protesters

The “Arab Spring” has a chance to really last if the protesters formulate and demand a coherent anti-imperialist and mainly economic developmental program   Some have compared the CIA backed Middle Eastern protests to the failed wave of liberal uprising around Europe in 1848. That description however may only apply to the protests against the regional monarchies and not the Arab republics. Political currents of some of the key countries of the region are similar to pre-WW1 Europe: The Muslim world is where Europe was in 1850-1900.

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