Top 10 Times the Olympics Bankrupted a Country

Tips For Being a Part of Your Community

For being part of your community you need to care, to be willing to share ideas, to move beyond what interests you or what might be about you. Being part of a community is an unknown idea to most people in countries where superiority complex and inferiority feelings are serious issues. I acknowledge these big concepts such as community feeling, superiority complex, and inferiority feeling are terms that Adlerian Psychology owns.

Europe Panics As Spain Goes To Strike Against the Austerity Drive

Spain is in the grips of panic as it faces its first general strike in eight years. Workers in the nation are up in arms against the austerity drive of the government. The turmoil is evident throughout Europe as UK cancels several flights from London to Madrid.

The Picture You Should Know Of

The world is full of poverty, but the human heart is full of love. Let’s spread our wings of love to every vulnerable and poor thing on earth.

Political Slant Of North Korean News

When looking at the news articles coming out of North Korea it is clear that they are concerned with keeping the hopes of independent reunification alive. The tops news stories are entitled, “New Era of Reunification and Prosperity Will Come in 2008” and “More Mass Rallies Held.” The first article explains that reunification is only possible is both sides are willing to join, this obvious statement does not include the fact that the many people in North Korea have wanted to be reunited to South Korea for a long time and it is the strict…

Monaco Set To Host The Wedding Of The Year In 2011

It’s the wedding of fairy tales, where a Prince weds his beloved bride – and it’s all set to happen in real life in Monaco next year. It’s set to be the wedding of the year for 2011.

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