Top 10 Times That’s So Raven Tackled Serious Issues

We Cannot Expect Pakistan to Do What America Could Not

We must consider that if America, with its military might, satellites and well-equipped soldiers has not been able to stop the Taliban from crisscrossing the Afghan-Pakistan border in the last seven years, we cannot expect Pakistan to be able to accomplish that for us. We are making a deadly and costly mistake by trying to coerce Pakistan to achieve what we have failed to do. President Barack Obama has been reaching out to the Muslim world, seeking diplomacy over militarism. It must do the same in Afghanistan instead of Afganizing Pakistan.

World Malaria Day Special – Part II – The Issues That Hinder the Global Eradication of Malaria

This article is Part Two of the author’s contribution to the events marking the World Malaria Day on April 25, 2009. It pinpoints in very clear terms the largely ignored reasons and major obstacles that are hindering the global eradication of malaria. Subtitled, “International Politics And Financial Interests; And How They Affect The Eradication Of Malaria Globally – Part Two”, it is intended to draw the World’s attention to the inequities and other factors that are hindering the eradication of malaria especially in the malaria-endemic regions of the world. The objective is to sensitize the World and its people to know that there is a better way forward to achieve the Noble Goal of a malaria-free world.

Israel’s Arabic Problem Solved

So simple. So obvious. How was it missed?

Google Vs Japan’s Tainted Past

Is Japan heading into a battle with Google once again? Google’s attempts to make headway in Japan seems to be a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of process. Street view was welcomed initially, but then it came under huge scrutiny due to Japan’s hugely strict privacy rights (a right which seems only to be slackened when an alleged offender of a crime is in the US armed forces, and then it’s fair game). But this time it’s Google Earth’s custom maps that have come under attack.

Ireland’s Last Call

Ireland is caught between a rock and hard place – no doubt. Since 1996 it has benefited from the gift of unprecedented – by Irish standards – economic growth fueled by a number of external factors.

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