Top 10 Times South Park Made Fun Of Other Countries

BRIC a Bad Influence on Brazil – Nation Wants Nuclear Weapons For Deterrence and Respect

In a surprise move Brazil’s Vice President has stated that he believes Brazil needs nuclear weapons to protect its offshore oil assets. Still, Brazil is friends with rogue nations, BRIC, ALBA, EU, WTO, UN, and the United States of America. So therefore, it is rather bizarre that Jose Alencar, the Vice President of Brazil would claim that it needs a nuclear weapons deterrent.

Chinese Illegal Aliens Crossing Into US Via Mexican Border

Did you know that the US border patrol is now catching huge numbers of Chinese illegal aliens trying to cross over the border from Mexico? It’s true, and whereas, many people feel that illegal aliens are just coming to build a better life, they better be very careful because there are 1.3 billion Chinese who would love to live in “the beautiful country” or United States.

Bolivia and Evo Morales – Another Sharp Left Turn and It’s All Downhill From La Paz

The duly elected President of Bolivia is Evo Morales, and he is very popular amongst the indigenous Indians that live in that region and have for thousands of years. In fact, Evo Morales is the first native Indian to be elected President of Bolivia. Still, since he has nationalized energy companies, mining corporations, and telecommunication firms he is thought to be one of the most anti-capitalist presidents of all of South America; perhaps, in a tie with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

The End of Printed Newspapers

In some Countries traditional newspaper readership is rising, even if in many developed Countries newspapers are losing readers- who are switching on-line to get the news. This is changing the way we get news, and it spells bad news for many traditional newspaper publishers.

Swine Flu – Something Strange is Going On

Why is the World Health Organization and Governments throughout the world making so much fuss over the swine H1N1 flu. There have been very few deaths from this flu in comparison to the normal seasonal flu yet governments are buying millions of doses of the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine.

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