Top 10 Times Olympians Clapped Back

Is a Big Change in the Future for the United States?

Is our nation at a turning point in history? Are the momentous events in the Arab countries, in Myanmar, and in China a prelude to a different world? Are we facing 1,000 years of peace as foretold by ancient prophets?

Space Exploration and Peace in the Middle East

Is it possible to bring a “bridge of technology” to the Middle East to unite the Western world in a common cause, the goal being the forward progression of mankind? Not long ago, I was having an interesting conversation with someone about all this, namely allow all of our partners and allies in the Middle East to participate in our space technology, as have the Russians, Australia, Canada, and the European Union. In doing so, those who currently oppose us, for instance Iran, might dump their nuclear weapons program, agree on robust inspections, and then join their goal…

Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance asked me if I ever thought there might be peace in the Middle East. Well, in the near term is really doesn’t appear to be all that possible – could it happen, peace that is? Well, surely anything is possible right?

Is the Two State Solution Possible – Palestine and Israel?

The other day, I was mulling over the challenges in the hot spots in the Middle East, namely the ongoing saga of those in the Palestinian Territory and Israel. Then a funny thing happened, that same day I was contacted by an East Coast acquaintance, and also the whole issue came up in our think tank, as it had been in the news that day. With Syria on the verge of an all-out civil war and revolution, and with Iran forcing its hand in the region, Israel must realize that it must unite its own citizens for the potential attacks…

US Sanctions in Iran – Are They Working For Us or Against Us?

Economic sanctions are tricky business as anyone at the Council on Foreign Relations would agree. If you read Henry Kissinger’s essays you will see he believes economic sanctions are one lever but alone seldom bring the desired results. Okay so, are the economic sanctions working in Iran, well, yes and no, and it looks as if the US, EU, UN may agree to further sanctions including the Iranian Central Bank.

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