Top 10 Times Nickelodeon Shows Made Fun of Disney

China and India, Rivals in All Fields Including Railways

China and India are rivals in Asia. The two big neighbors have chosen different paths for economic development as well as political systems. India is a democracy with stress on a free economy while China is a communist state that follows a controlled economy.

The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal and the Dissenting Judgement of Justice Pal

At the end of the Second World War, General McArthur United States Far Eastern Commander established a war crimes tribunal in 1946 with the ostensible reason to try Japanese leaders as ‘war criminals’. This was after Japan had surrendered in the aftermath of the two Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A number of Japanese political and Military leaders were tried for crimes against peace.

Iran and the Bomb – An Interview with Stephen Walt, Harvard Professor of International Affairs

In this interview with The Majalla, Stephen Walt provides crucial insight into Iran’s regional ambitions. With history as his guide, Walt’s perspective serves to calm the alarmist within us while opening our minds to different points of view. Still loyal to the balance of power theory, Walt argues that when leaders have forgotten about the importance of this approach in politics, they’ve tended to get into trouble. As a pillar of America’s success in the Middle East, the US leadership should return to the balance of power principle, but avoid meddling into the affairs of others.

The Police and the 26/11 Terror Attack in Mumbai

The Police and the 26/11 Terrorist Attack in Mumbai Recently one of my friends while going through a job portal on the net came across an opening asking for a head of security. But what intrigued him was a line that stated service personnel (armed forces) are not preferred. I would have dismissed such an ad as a joke but for the fact that serious issues are involved.

Christmas Gimmick in China

If you are from the West and you will tour the main land China during Christmas season these days, you will not feel the loneliness of being away from home especially if you will stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Dressed in a Santa suit, Richard Goodman hopes to make Chinese people discover what Christmas means in the other part of the world. He is a 63 year old retiree from the aerospace industry who wishes to make a living out of making people happy by bringing the old Santa to life.

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