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A Banquet For Genuine Nigerians

Nigeria as a nation is in festive mood. There are arrangements in place right now to mark her 50th Independence Anniversary come October 1st 2010. This, without mincing words tells us that there’s going to be a great banquet – a banquet for genuine Nigerians! The word genuine may jolt you a little, but I mean every inch of it. It is high time we started paying attention to excellence.

Ghawar Oilfield Set to Increase Production

Located in the oil rich country of Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oilfield. This massive Middle East oil producer is larger than Lebanon and out produces UAE and Kuwait combined. With over 5 million barrels per day average, Ghawar oilfield is poised to produce oil to the level of the 1980’s when production capped at 5.

Diplomacy Think Tank Topics

We put too much pressure on our leaders to mend fences with other nations. There have been wars in the past and human conflicts that have been branded into the historical record of their cultures. It’s not easy to change those things overnight, especially when the offspring of the parents who are involved in those wars remember all too well.

A Secular Nation That We Are

How is secularism preached and practiced in India are the two questions which are the basic premise for this Article. Even though superficially it might look the same but in reality it might not be so.

What Is The History of Human Rights?

The history of recorded human rights begins with Cyrus The Great in Persia thousands of years ago. It then comes forward to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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