Top 10 Things on Grey’s Anatomy That Make NO Sense

Malaysia Online Newspaper

Malaysia as a developing country has seen a lot of development in terms of Information Technology recently. Such development naturally sparks chain reaction to other fields as well, such as the electronic media and to be specific the newspaper. Just a decade ago there was only a handful of online newspapers in Malaysia but at the time this article is written, there are 23 online newspapers which are currently active in Malaysia.

What Are the Best Russian News Sources?

Russia is a country undergoing profound change and, following the fall of the Soviet Union, re-establishing itself on the world stage. It is becoming more and more important that people keep up to date on the latest news from Russia. This article introduces the main Russian news sources that any follower of Russia should acquaint themselves with.

Interesting Facts About People Who Send Money to Colombia

Facts about sending money to Colombia. Today large amounts of money are being send to Colombia from other parts of the world.

Controversial Businessmen in Germany

The current global economic crisis has taken a heavy toll on Germany’s economy, and the outlook remains gloomy. German citizens estimate the country’s current economic situation to be extremely negative, and hardly anyone expects to see a turnaround this year. Furthermore, most Germans feel that the government is doing too little to stimulate the economy.

China Tells Citizens to Buy Chinese – Are They Sure They Want the Reciprocal Here in the US?

China is doing something very interesting to help them get through their recession. Since the US consumer has stopped buying and making purchases, all the factories in China have been shut down. Now the Chinese are telling all of their citizens to buy only Chinese products and to buy only locally.

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