Top 10 Stars You Forgot Appeared on 90s Sitcoms

Peak Oil and Oil Prices in Northern Ireland

Oil prices in Northern Ireland are going to rise and will stay high for a long time due to Peak Oil. Peak oil is the theory that oil production will reach a “peak”, and thereafter forever decline, due to the fact that it is a finite resource.

Post-Revolution! The Voices of Ordinary Egyptians

The Egyptian revolution has inspired a mixed bag of emotions and viewpoints among Egypt’s citizens. Arriving in Egypt the day of Mubarak’s resignation, K.J.Willis takes the pulse of ordinary Egyptians facing an uncertain future.

Mohamed Bin Hamam Has Praised Qatar’s Hosting of the Asia Cup

Asian football confederation president said: “It’s been an extremely well organised event by Qatar”. The football world cup 2022 is going to be organized in Qatar. According to him, there are still 12 years remaining before beginning of the world cup, but it would be a great rehearsal for this upcoming thrilling event.

The UK’s Bank and Government Growth Strategy Commonly Know As “The Merlin Agreement”

A landmark agreement between the UK government and the UK’s biggest banks has after much negotiating been agreed upon. The Banks have agreed to increase lending to business’s to the total of £190bn and curb bonus pay. Will this be enough to passify public mood and kick start growth to help smaller business stay afloat or will it be to little to late. industry specialist have mixed views on what this will mean for the UK economy.

Is USA Justifying an Invasion of Libya – One Man Believes They Are

As you may or may not know Gaddafi of Libya and Hugo Chavez are good friends, and really you shouldn’t be too surprised if you take a look at some of Gaddafi’s other friends, or those who associate with the Chavez regime. As the UN, United States, EU, and even the Russians voted for sanctions against Libya, arms embargos, and a possible “no fly” zone there, Hugo Chavez stood up and defended Gaddafi and his brutal attacks on his own people.

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