Top 10 Snacks That Don’t Exist Anymore

What Stuff Asian People Like

Asian people bring a huge variety under its umbrella just because Asia is a huge continent with people of different culture, customs, and language and of course outlook. To be precise, Asia is quite cool despite its diversity.

Romania – The Country That Needs Your Help

After the earthquake in Haiti which destroyed the lives of innocent people, it’s time for Romania to suffer from another natural disaster which cannot be helped. The NE part of Romania has been underwater for several weeks now, taking the life of 23 people and destroying the lives of many more.

A Visit to an Indian Bazaar

Ever since standardization has been in vogue, a grocery purchase in any supermarket may give you a similar experience.As countries across the world pass through different stages of development, one may find number of retail giants opening shops. Air-conditioned, silent, well organized and the sight of good containers may be what every purchase in future may involve.

What is the Place of Israel in the Economy of God and How Can We Pray For God’s Will to Be Done?

BP’s Deep Horizon oil rig blew up on April 20, and it has just been drawn to my attention that this year’s Israeli Independence Day was April 20. Is this a mere coincidence, or might it be what some consider as a God-incidence? God’s judgments of nations can strike in the economic, political or social realm as well as in the realm of nature. History shows that nations are either blessed or suffer according to what their leaders do. If you are unsure about this or even unaware of this reality then turn to Genesis Chapter 12 and read the first few verses. Many other Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments can support this. I learned quite recently that the only parts of Jerusalem where Jesus Christ walked and taught are in what is known as East Jerusalem.

China Launches Global English News Channel

Chinese news agency Xinhua has started broadcasting events in China in English. This move by Chinese government is primarily to combat media giants CNN and the BBC.

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