Top 10 Robin Williams Quotes That Will Make You Miss Him Even More

Somali Pirates Increase the Range of Operations in the Indian Ocean

In April 2010 Somali pirates hijacked not one but three Thai fishing vessels 1200 miles (2222km) of the Somali coast. It is easy to believe that the hijacking of fishing vessels would just be a part of normal operations for the pirates but intelligence available might point in a much worse direction.

Jews in Shanghai

More than 35,000 Jews have been continually living in Shanghai since the 19th century. This article helps you discover more about what they have brought to this metropolis.

Internet Censorship in China

Maybe the west needs to rethink the meaning of freedom for the Chinese. With the recent and rapid growth of China, it’s quickly become the center of attention of the world. Everyone’s got their eye on China, and everyone’s waiting for them to screw up.

Two United Nations Refugee Agencies – Why? (For Good and Evil?) UNHCR and UNRWA!

Attempting to mitigate the tragedies of millions of displaced Europeans after World War II, a UN agency, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was established. The mandate is noble, humanitarian and non-political – “to provide international protection and to seek permanent solutions for refugees the world over”. However, after the Arabs were defeated in their 1949 war against Israel, a special UN agency with unique provisions was created for Palestinian Arabs, (UNRWA) “United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East: “providing education, health care, social services and emergency aid to 400,000 Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. UNRWA is much larger than UNHCR, although it oversees only a fraction of UNHCR refugees. The unique criteria for UNRWA “beneficiaries had to have lived in the British Mandate Area of Palestine for at least two years before fleeing, and must have lost both home and livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab Israeli War, or be the descendant of someone who had.” The UNRWA definition of eligibility – pointed out by critics – is that it serves only to perpetuate and aggravate Arab-Israeli friction.

Are Non-Profits Actively Seeking “Creative Donations” From Companies?

As the population of the world grew, it is not possible for the government to provide all the services for the betterment of it’s citizens. NGO’s or Non governmental organizations, many of them which are non-profits, came into the picture to fill the void government organizations could not provide. Most of these non-profits rely on outside funding to finance their organizations.

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