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Party at the Pyramids: Tough Times for Mubarak

Opposition leaders have taken these events to their advantage; the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei (the guy who was looking for WMDs in Iraq) have become active and are in the lime light. The US and EU after initially showing keen support for the protestors have decided to take a neutral stance in the whole episode after the NYSE suffered a lowest in six months. On the other hand, the Middle East and OPEC are also worried; the former due to the fact of being Monarchies and the latter due to increasing Oil Production in case of a Suez Canal blockage…

2011 Economic Outlook of Turkey

The Turkish economy has shown a shining performance with its steady growth over 20 years of financial liberalisation. And economic growth in Turkey has been very promising for the year of 2010.

The Price Of Liberty

The presence of genuine freedom gives us so many advantages. However, it is inevitable indeed that humans as we are, such distinct privilege has been quite abused in so many ways. As a result, many of us, especially the innocent ones, have been experiencing the negative effects of upside down principles.

Buddhist Celebration Could Push Gold Value

Nirvana Day, a Buddhist celebration marking the day in which Buddha is believed to have died and entered the afterlife, could lead to a rise in demand for gold. On February 15th, Buddhists around the world will celebrate the life of Buddha, who they believe died aged 80, after reaching a stage of complete nirvana. Money is often passed between friends and family and clothes are given to family members as gifts as part of the festival.

In Advance of Iran’s Revolution Day, Praise for the Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia

Iranian regime heads and spokesmen praised the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and claimed that they were both inspired by and constitute a direct continuation of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. They say that such popular Islamic revolutions are destined to take place in the near future across the Arab world, reflecting the emergence of Islamic rule in the region in the face of the defeat of the West.

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