Top 10 Rick and Morty Cameos in Other Movies and Shows

Moscow is Burning

Research scientists are yet to send their gadgets into the space over Russia to ascertain the extend of carbon emissions – an extra bolt to the already exploding global warming. To those who lost their precious lives, or were affected in one way or another, receive at most sympathy from the family of humanity – for even the death of an ant through the fires razing across Russia, is still a loss of life.

Social Capital – Need of the Hour For India

As India celebrates Independence day on 15th August and completes 63 years of freedom, its time to reflect on present day challenges and how to address them. India has gained world prominence due to its economic development. To ensure further sustainable economic development, its imperative to bolster the Social capital in addition to other capital like Money, Land etc.

Slouching to Armageddon

There may seem to be a glaring nuclear double standard. In reality, however, the very idea of Islamist nukes becomes unthinkable.

The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan That Became World News

28th of July would always remain a tragic day in the history of Pakistan, when domestic flight ABQ-202 of Air Blue Airlines crashed on Margala Hills early in the morning. 6 crew members, pilots and 146 passengers on board, looking forward to reach their destinations found instant death to be their destiny. Incidents like these are obviously unpredictable, but what is even more tantalizing is that not only do the lives of victims are at loss but, instances like these destroy the lives of families involved.

US Judge Overturns Same-Sex Marriage Ban

A U.S judge has opposed the Californian ban on same-sex marriages branding the decision as unconstitutional. The key verdict comes as a great relief to gay rights advocates who are expecting the controversial decision to reach the Supreme Court.

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