Top 10 Recycled Scenes in Animated Disney Movies

Female Genital Mutilation

Traditionally, some communities in Kenya would circumcise not only the boys but the girls too. This was fully accepted and it was a shame if you were a girl and did not have the cut. Even today, some communities still practice it. With the on set of the western culture, people started getting enlightened on the dangers of this practice. Some communities dropped the practice completely.

Green Card Application Mistakes – 3 Things to Avoid

Many people think that a green card application through the normal routine would be too much of a hassle, and instead go for a shortcut – to marry a US citizen for the same. Although this might be true that the process is indeed faster, it is certainly not any easier, to the point that many realize after applying through marriage that they would have been better off doing it on an individual basis.

US and Israeli Warships Cross Suez Canal

According to a London based newspaper the U.S. and Israel have sent as many as twelve warships through the Suez Canal on Friday. This group of warships included a U.S. aircraft carrier as well as an Israeli warship. The news article did not elaborate on the exact nature or size of the Israeli warship at this time, but the report did mention the passage of the U.S. aircraft carrier and the fact that it was carrying armored vehicles, troops, and ammunition.

World Holiday Calendar Combines All Calendars

Throughout the world, holidays matter. They can be matters of life and death, requiring observance of the patriotic or religious obligations.

Countries Compete to Lease Land in Other Countries to Safeguard Food Supply As Prices Stay High

At one time food prices were largely stable, based on supply and demand, and crop prices were protected by regulations which fixed their prices so that in a bad year farmers’ incomes were protected while in good ones, they might lose out slightly. During the 1990s strong lobbying by financial stock traders led to the abolition of food price regulation on basic crops. Crops became a commodity to be traded in the same way as any other commodity, like coal, oil and the like.

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