Top 10 Movie Villains with the Saddest Backstories

Wealth of Australia

Australia; A dream land without a dreamer…The continent of Oceania with its vastness and all of the buried wealth still untouched and the huge potentials untapped sits on an empty simmering pot waiting for some serious effort from its politicians to fill in all of the gaps and empty spaces in its political history. Australia is a truly great country, yet, its policies lack so much in expertise and professionalism especially when it comes to regional foreign and immigration politics in general.

Call Centers of Kathmandu – The Quiet Revolution Taking Place

Well, one famous poet of Nepal once said ‘What’s a dream but to go and touch the stars with your hands’, and sky is not the limit for people with insatiable desire to succeed. So let’s put Nepal in the center of global map in the field of ever increasing online business.

Vladimir Putin: Our World’s Greatest Hope

There were some rivalries that echo through the history and that pushed the world to become a more advanced better place. These included Prophet Musa and Ramses II; Greece and Persia; Rome and Carthage; Saladin Ayyubi and King Baldwin IV; Napoleon Bonaparte and Duke of Wellington, Axis and Allies; and the United States and the Soviet Union. I know some people are trying to make China the next Super Power that the United States might have a rivalry with, but it just doesn’t have the same feel of mutual disdain and mistrust like the good ones.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2011 – Part 1

It’s the time of the year – again…no, not Christmas, but the start of the Chinese New Year celebration – welcoming The Year of the Rabbit! It is often called Lunar New Year, as it follows the 28 days cycle of the moon, resulting in different dates every year – between mid January and mid February. Last year it coincided not only with Valentine’s Day (14.2.) but also fell on a Sunday which caused some head scratching: as CNY is the only time in Asia when all offices and most shops are closed for three days! There was a great deal of discussions as to when and where to all the thousands of red roses for all the office girls should be delivered when everything is closed?? A truly logistic challenge – as this is the peak season for florists and alike!

Bolshevism Is the Mortal Enemy of the Church

During the Nazi period the Catholic Church faced the western democracies on the one hand, and the fascist totalitarian states on the other. In this environment, the Church was forced to choose the lesser of two evils as the only possible bulwark against their worst mortal enemy: Communism.

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