Top 10 Movie Moments That Made Us Love The Rock

Canada Will Soon Become a Jobs Hub

Already the Minister of Canada’s Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism- Jason Kenney is planning to bring in more than 10,000 skilled workers and professionals by 2012 to fill in the vacant positions in Canada. That’s a lot considering the unemployment rates that are bursting out of every corner in the world, but Canada seems to shift on the other foot. Like China, Canada’s economy is booming and the need for workers are ever-increasing and since there’s not enough manpower within their local population, the government is looking elsewhere to help fill this gap.

United States Pulls Financial Strings To Control Iran

United States sets new rules in oil market in a hope that Iran’s finances will be reduced. The article talks about the event and its aftereffects.

Full Potential Of Oil Reserves In Iraq Not Realised

Around 66 oil reserves have been discovered in Iraq, while most of it still remains unexplored. It is suspected that more discoveries of oil fields will be made in the years to come. However, with the resources lying at its feet, Iraq is unable to utilise it to its maximum potential.

Taking Out The Euro-Trash – Focus On EU Keeps Investors On Edge

It seems like nothing matters away from Europe as investors are fixated on the Eurozone debt problems like they are a celebrity sex scandal. Even though the US market has had a pretty good rally, it is nowhere near what it should have been given the steady better than expected US economic news.

Now Entering The Internet: There Be Dragons Here

On the heels of yesterday’s news item, I’m just told that India is the latest country to try to crack down on the Internet. Apparently the Telecoms minister of India met with Google and Facebook execs to pressure them into screening “objectionable” content. According to him, the government is asking social media companies to come up with a way to eliminate offensive content as soon as it is created – no matter which country it originated in.

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