Top 10 Most Unexpected TV Show Crossovers Ever

Pongal – The Grand Tamilian Festival of Thanksgiving

Pongal is the unique Tamilnadu Festival in Southern India. This piece gives some glimpses of that grand festival.

Education in South Africa: How It Works, and How It’s Struggling

It’s January, and that means the start of a new school year in South Africa. It’s a good time to learn about the educational experiences that our young South African friends will have this year.

What Brazil’s No-Tell Motels Tell Us

When I look at Brazil’s gaudy motels, I see more than a country that is unabashed in its quest for sex. I see a country where people feel impelled to pay by the hour for something we in the more-developed world often take for granted: a door we can close when we want to be alone. If Brazil can sustain its economic growth, if it can avoid runaway inflation, and especially if it can eventually bring interest rates down from their longstanding sky-high levels, the pent-up demand for housing is liable to produce a building boom that dwarfs our own construction craze of the past decade.

The Mayan Calendar and the Year 2012

If you’ve heard all about the hoopla concerning the year 2012, then you are probably wondering how all this came about. Read on to understand the connection of a great civilization and the end of the world.

Are You Ready To Accept the China-Wind?

We cannot judge the culture by ourselves. If we see the China-wind from the whole view, we may find that it has been the main trend in the world, if you are ready, you would have many more choices, if not, you would be left behind.

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