Top 10 Most Unexpected Deaths in Animated Shows

The British Monarchy: A Look at Queen Elizabeth II

The British Monarch or popularly known as the Royal family has been the ruler of the United Kingdom for several centuries now. This started in 871 when King Alfred the Great was bestowed the title as the first King of England or the first British Monarch. At present, the British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

An Analysis of the World From Asia

A recent meeting we had with Michael Spencer PhD, Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank in Asia, outlined a number of extremely useful insights into how Asia views some of the current international issues around Central Bank activity, as well as some of the long-term economic trends at play in the Asian region, and their importance for the New Zealand and Australian economies. We will look more closely at some of the key issues that came out of this discussion.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya – Who and What Next?

Dictatorships are falling in the Arab world like cats from a blimp. What next?

International Counter Terrorism And Law Enforcement Security Solutions

The connotation of International security solutions, counter terrorism security solutions and law enforcement security solutions is being increasingly felt in these times where the news of dreaded misfortunes, terrorist attacks and major security breaches are in the news every now and then. Terrorism is no doubt an ugly-faced development which has engulfed everyone’s attention. So you should not be surprised to witness millions of dollars being spent on international counter terrorism and law enforcement security solutions.

Piracy Reaches Its Foregone Conclusion

When Somali pirates killed four Americans last week, criminals pulled the triggers, but the guns and bullets were paid for by the families, employers and national governments that ransomed earlier hostages. As I sadly predicted in this space more than a year ago, the practice of paying ransoms has led to more pirate attacks and more-violent pirates. In 2010, pirates off the coast of Somalia hijacked a record number of ships. They seized 49 vessels and took 1,016 crew members hostage.

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