Top 10 Most Underrated Nintendo 64 Games

CNC News – A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

A Chinese new channel not available in China itself – The latest global news channel is rising as a new source of information for the global audience. After the success story of many globalised channels in English, China also planned this launch so that it could also have a media platform with the global influence but with their own agenda in mind.

Indian Government Creates New Tracking System to Combat Terrorists – Visa Regulations Tighten

The Indian government is continuing to tighten up restrictions on foreign nationals, with a new, integrated system for tracking all foreigners in the country. Within four years, there will be a massive new database that keeps track of arrivals and departures, as well as hotel stays, etc., of all foreign nationals in India. Every foreign national will get a unique ID number and virtual folder, and all information pertaining to that individual will be logged and made available for visa processing as well as to security services.

What Does it Mean, For Derry-Londonderry, to Be Awarded UK City of Culture 2013?

Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster, First Minister for Northern Ireland referred to, “the sense of excitement at the tremendous opportunity; the city has not tried to hide its past but has used culture to draw people together”. Deputy First Minister responded, “This is due to the imagination of Martin Malarkey who, 20 years ago, inspired the city’s modern day talents. This united bid moves us on together for social and economic benefits to come”.

Culture in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful, historic and culturally rich country located in north west Europe, bordering Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Outside of the Netherlands it is common for the country to be referred to as ‘Holland’, however North and South Holland only make up 2 of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands, meaning that strictly speaking the two names should not be used interchangeably.

A Glance at History – The Dismissal

Just like any other country beset by internal turmoil due to political issues, Australia has many historical events that only happens rarely. One of such events was the infamous dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam from his post in November 11, 1975. The dismissal shocked the country as a whole, not only because it happened on the same day as Remembrance Day, when the whole country honors its fallen during wars; or during the anniversary of the hanging of the Ned Kelly, the most notorious bandit of the country during its early days; but because such act has never happened or has ever been attempted before.

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