Top 10 Most Rewatched 90s Rom-Com Moments

Putin Is the New Premier – But Some Say, Not So Fast

It seems regardless of the country – anytime there are elections the opposing party claims voter fraud, or voting irregularities these days. It’s happened on nearly every continent in the last year or so. Thus, it should not surprise us that folks are claiming that Putin’s Party in Russia played with the election results.

Europeans Ask Themselves: What Is Europe?

Are Europe’s leaders trying to solve a crisis, or forge a new continental power? The euro’s fate may hinge on just what, exactly, Europe is.

Great Ways To Make A Difference: Volunteering Overseas

We live on a very large planet. Nobody is arguing this fact. Thanks to technological advances, today we are living in a world that gets smaller and smaller every day.

China Manufacturing Hitting the Skids a Few Years Earlier Than a Think Tank Suspected

Over the past few years our think tank has believed that China has painted itself into a corner due to its currency manipulation and bad economic policies, well that and the corruption in the banking sector, and the state-run capitalism challenges of trying to call the shots for free-market enterprises. Indeed, it doesn’t help China in the long-run to suck their best customers dry either, and the trade deficits the way they are creating an unbalanced global money flow, which is unsustainable. Now of course, it’s time to pay the piper, and things are going to be problematic for…

Syrian Opposition – If the Assad Regime Falls, Who Are These Guys and Can They Be Trusted?

Apparently, there is a large group of defectors from the Syrian army, which are now leading the fight against the Assad Regime. So far, they have attacked a Syrian military base which had aerial intelligence facilities. In many regards this is good, because it means the Assad regime cannot use that information and intelligence to attack their own people and civilians.

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