Top 10 Most Infamous UFO Alien Hoaxes

Don’t Train Elephants, Train Ourselves: Changing the Way We Think About Our Actions

The absolute ugliness within our species seems to ever startle me in its brutality. In this beautiful, mostly Buddhist, country of Thailand, home today to a depleted population of less than 5000 Asian elephants – in 1900 there were over 300,000-last week another beautiful creature was murdered for its tusks.

Is Curbing Armed Robbery Proving A Headache For The Liberia National Police?

All across the world a civil war often leaves behind many bitter experiences in countries it occurs. Among these bitter experiences is armed robbery. This is the problem that Liberia has been grappling with both during and after its civil war that lasted for fourteen years. Successive governments during this period tried to stamp out armed robbery but with little success. Even the current government appears to be having a real headache at curbing the crime despite the presence of a multinational UN Peace Keeping Force with modern state of the art weaponry with which they back up the Liberia National police.

Pirates Going Out of Control

Since the second phase of the Somalian Civil War, this issue has been a matter of extreme concern to international organisations. Contributing to the increase of shipping costs and putting at risk the safety of marine workers, Somali pirates are now the main oceanic criminals in the world and have been making millions and millions of dollars due to this illegal activity. Most of the pirates are between 20 and 35 years old, they reside in the region of Puntland, in north-eastern Somalia and the scariest part is that they are very well organized…

Protests: Who Is Listening?

I participated in my first protest through the streets of Manhattan on February 15, 2003 to stop the U. S. invasion of Iraq; after walking for hours and hearing that 10 million people around the world had joined in a global demonstration, I felt confident that a significant impact was made and our voices were heard. However, a few weeks later George W. Bush had launched the invasion into Iraq for a highly controversial war that is still being fought today, in one way or another. The defeat and disappointment I felt at that moment knowing that our efforts went to waste was indescribable and from then on I began to lose hope in the effect of protests. Yet till this day I am constantly hearing about people taking to the streets to protest and it makes me wonder who is listening?

Ultimate Information About Lagos-Nigeria

Lagos, though the smallest state in Nigeria is one of the most populous states in Nigeria (2nd after Kano state) and the most economical state of the federation. Little wonder it is referred to as “The centre of Excellence.”

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