Top 10 Most Heartwarming Ted Lasso Moments

New World Order Conspiracy Theory

The new world order is a conspiracy theory that tends to explain the emergence of a one world government sometime in the future. These conspiracies have culminated to other connections especially the end of the world theory. The common subject on the new world order is however related to a power elite group of people functioning in secrecy to eventually take over the world where the sovereign nations or states will be no more.

India Border Incursions From Chinese Army – That’s Going to Be a Challenge

Many would content that China has only good intentions as it grows economically and moves forward. In fact, a recent RAND Report claims that “China’s International Behavior” is purely peaceful and it is merely going about its business attempting to garner the resources it needs to keep growing its economy and bring its nation up to its full potential. Others content that this is not exactly so and point to the rather bold military buildup in China.

Are Political Changes Coming to Venezuela – If So, They Can’t Happen Fast Enough

Generally speaking when a socialist leader of a large nation moves a free-market economy into that looking more like socialist theory, they have already turned towards a cliff and must continually pick up the speed to keep it going. There’s only one problem with that, we all know what happens when you drive a nation off a cliff. Okay so, let’s talk a little bit about Venezuela if we might.

China Has Definitely Gone Global

It seems every time we turn around in the United States, as we try to work our diplomatic efforts we see that China is involved. Yes, China is now the number two economy in the world, and that’s good for them, however we must also realize that we are the ones feeding that bubble, and it has now expanded globally. China appears to be on a giant scavenger hunt around the world for resources, materials, and oil.

What Will the European Union and Euro Zone Look Like in Five Years?

Most understand that the EuroZone is in serious trouble right now with the Greek Default issues, and of course the people of Greece aren’t making it any easier. They don’t want austerity programs, they want to be given what they were promised by their socialist leaders leading up to the crisis. Of course, no one wants to bail out Greece because that would be throwing good money after bad.

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