Top 10 Most Expensive Mistakes in History

We Are in The Day of the Lord Which Started on 27th May 2012

We Are in The Day of the Lord Which started on 27th May 2012 and this is why I believe it… [I don’t want to believe it and believing it has put me in a spiral of depression recently so be WARNED: some people will be able to say it’s not true and laugh it off, but if you start joining the dots and believe the books I’m about to mention then you may become depressed.]

Hungary’s Roma Face Bigotry, Persecution

Jobbik,a far-right political party associated with paramilitary groups has begun its ascent in power in Hungary, railing against the so-called “crimes of the Gypsies.” Hungary’s Gypsies, known as the Roma, face bigotry, intimidation and persecution, with the Hungarian Government offering no protection or assistance.

Diamonds and Human Rights

Diamonds are among the most precious and sought after jewels known to man. Their rarity and value are only matched by the multitude of uses in fields like metallurgy, telecommunications and jewelry.

A “Celebration of Democracy” in Venezuela

In order to further intimidate the voters and control the upcoming October 7 election, the Chavez regime has instituted fingerprint scanners at the voting booth. The opportunities for voter manipulation and fraud have now reached a new high.

Nigerians, the Problem of Nigeria

It is the conviction of many that Nigeria has problem(s) or better still Nigeria is not operating at the level she ought to as an independent nation. A 52year old for that matter!

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