Top 10 Last Minute Changes in the MCU

The Origins Of The Cold War

After the Japanese and Nazi armies were conquered in World War II, which left the two major powers, the USA and the USSR were left in the duel. Both sides had different types of economies as well as the types of government.

Freedom Is Contagious

Clapping their hands to freedom, the people of the Arab world are demanding their right to live a free life, to live in Freedom! The very same people who once had their lips sealed to the word called Freedom are now openly talking about it. But then what does freedom really mean?

Blasphemy and the Qur’an: Why Compromise and Islam Don’t Fit

In the West we no longer understand why anyone accused of “blasphemy” would attract death-threats. This article illustrates how the Western concept of “compromise” fails in negotiations with those devoted to Islam.

It’s a Hot Mess Out There!

From the fires in Cairo to the shores of Tripoli and all the way back to Wisconsin, it seems like the whole world is on a powder keg ready to explode. Why you ask?

Is Iran Pushing the Limits of Rogue Nationhood?

Let’s face it, when you were in high school there were always certain individuals which acted out of line, and were either bullies, or just plain mean-spirited. Such is life around a group of juveniles, it is something you learn to deal with. Now then, fast-forward into the real world where you have over 330 nations globally.

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