Top 10 Iconic Pop Culture Moments of Each Year (2000-2009)

Congratulations to Chile – Human Spirit and Triumph at Its Finest – Miner Rescue

Hooray for Chile in success in rescuing the 33 trapped miners who were down a mile underground for over 68 days. What does this show the rest of the World? It shows that Chile is a great country, with great people, a society which refused to let those miners perish and thus, spared no expense in making sure the rescue efforts were successful.

Jewish American Bar Association, Social Work and Law Team Up

In Broward county Florida a Social Worker has been up against some server criticism for taking an unprecedented step and forming a Jewish American Bar Association. In the past bar Associations have normally been lead and organized by lawyers. Many Bar associations have attempted to educate the public and change many of the negative feelings about lawyers to no avail. Apparently This social worker is in tune with some of the new changes in the educational systems regarding lawyers. Perhaps a social worker is just what the legal profession needs. This article explores just that.

Pakistan Army – Its Image and the Controversial Video

Recent video of Pakistan Army firing squad shooting blindfolded young men in Swat region has raised many unanswered questions on their professionalism. The shooting of unarmed civilians by soldiers has not only maligned their image but has also put into question the major US military aid to an army involved in human rights violations. Pakistan Army must thoroughly and transparently investigate the authenticity of the video and hold military personnel accountable for all such atrocious abuses committed against civilians in ongoing counter-insurgency operations.

Poorest Regions of the World

Afghanistan in central Asia and Darfur region in Africa are comparable in scale of violence and extreme level of poverty, lacking the basic infrastructure. Elimination of extreme poverty could lead to lasting peace in Darfur beginning with quick impact interventions. The steps needed for quick impact measures includes agricultural, educational, and health intervention measures.

Poverty Trap in Africa

The barriers to economic development evident in Africa can be overcome at a low cost, but finance is difficult for the African nations living on subsistence. “The escape from extreme poverty” argues Sachs, “requires four basic types of investment”. The proposed investments are required in (i) Agriculture (ii) Health (iii) Education, and (iv) Infrastructure, to attain sustained growth.

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