Top 10 Hidden Treasures Rumored to Be Somewhere in America

China As a Client Nation, and Future Partner Considered – Intellectual Abstract Thought

Have you ever considered that since American Billionaires are so heavily invested in China, and since Carlisle Group invested another 60 Billion today, that economically speaking China is really a silent US state or territory, and that some day we might just be one nation. We are so interlinked already, I am not sure why we are not working more closely with each other to play good guy, bad guy and do an end-run around the Belgium Power Base. After all, it’s obvious that the EU leadership wants to make the US Subservient to their “one-world” their way government rule.

Sitting on a Bomb

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (or CERN), which attained literary fame courtesy of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, has repaired its new super toy that broke down a little over a year ago. Later today, all things going well, the button will be pushed to start it up again.

An Upcoming Expected Industry Boom in Libya

The article is about the up coming expected opportunities in Libya. As the sanctions have been lifted from Libya, the country has a lot of potential in it.

The World Food Crisis

Many countries have experienced at first hand the outbreak of hungry people every day having less opportunity to feed due to some of the basic factors like increased food prices and energy. These countries are Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia and Madagascar and many more and all these countries have experienced the same crisis at different point in there history. The matter is so serious that even the UN is saying, although being somewhat skeptical, that this situation stinks.

It is 60 Years For China

Festivities, fireworks and candles are just some of the highlights in Chinese celebrations. It’s now time for that in the People’s Republic of China!

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