Top 10 Greatest Paleontology Discoveries Of All Time

World Malaria Day Special – Part 1 – The Issues That Hinder the Global Eradication of Malaria

This article is Part One of the author’s contribution to the events marking the World Malaria Day on April 25, 2009. It pinpoints in very clear terms the largely ignored reasons and major obstacles that are hindering the global eradication of malaria. Subtitled, “International Politics And Financial Interests; And How They Affect The Eradication Of Malaria Globally”, it is intended to draw the World’s attention to the inequities and other factors that are hindering the eradication of malaria especially in the malaria-endemic regions of the world. The objective is to sensitize the World and its people to know that there is a better way forward to achieve the Noble Goal of a malaria-free world. It is a most revealing journey and sneak view into the “uncharted terrain” of world politics and global health.

Free Trade Or Isolationism – How Can Trade Wars Be Avoided in the 21st Century

Most participants in the 21st-century economy agree that it makes sense to spend scarce material and human resources producing only those goods and services they are relatively good at- and use their export earnings to import the rest. However, some countries will always have more resources than the others. The problem is regulating foreign trade without disadvantaging any single player.

It’s the Flu

Some compare it to the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed an estimated 30 to 40 million people. Some believe it is being overdone. Whatever be the truth…

Leisure in Indian Society

In the leisure sector, there is a whole new set of Indian icons gaining popularity and respect. There is a pride and confidence in all things Indian. Indians are also adapting western notions to the requirements of changing times. This is different from merely aping the west.

ALBA’s Attack on Developed Nations Makes One Think – What Are They Talking About?

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has convinced a few nations to come under his umbrella by promising them various things, and too by manipulating their elections. Nations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Argentina among them. He has a little group going now that is called; The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). This group has target the United States as evil and has made some demands and declarations.

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