Top 10 Greatest Fashion Industry Movies

Better to Be a Cow in EU Than to Be a Farmer in India!

A Swedish channel beamed a program on Indian farmers plight used sensational declaration, “(it is) better to be a cow in EU than to be a farmer in India,” about a few days ago. Is this a concern towards the plight of Indian farmers or a crafty use of human cruelty on humans to sell television channel programming by sensational declaration?

Lack of Birth Control Use Among Young People in Indonesia

“I hate condoms, it feels weird.” “I’m embarrassed going to gynecologist because I’m not married yet.” These are common excuses of young people in Indonesia to have unprotected sex.

Green Power Academy Announces Renewable Energy Training

The date has been announced for the ‘Introduction to solar markets and technology’ course to be held in London between 14 & 15 October 2009. The Green Power Academy which will be hosted in conjunction with the highly successful Green Power Conferences will seek to shed some light on the essential basics of the emerging UK photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Germany Likely to Cut Feed-In-Tariff by 17%

On Friday rumours emerged that the German government is likely to significantly reduce the price paid for electricity produced by solar panels. Furthermore, the reduction may be made as early as April rather than in July as previously anticipated.

Grasping Opportunities for Promising Ventures Around the Globe

For good business prospects it is essential that you follow the latest International business news and stories from around the world. Internet has made it possible for you to get connected to the latest hot and happening even in the other end of the world as the world business markets have turned into a global village. You can buy and sell your products through the online stores and gain the benefit of profitable and promising business prospects.

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