Top 10 Great Japanese Games That Should Come to the America

Microscopic Fraternity for Myopic Benefit

Protection provided by group members to safeguard itself against onslaught of another group is a virtue. The aggression or dominance of one group over another group is the opposite of being virtuous. The action is virtuous when the group builds capacity of its individual members and competes for better delivery to serve humankind and not just the group.

China Continues to Invest in Iraqi Oil

Oil production is set to increase 70% to 170,000 barrels per day by the end of 2011. The extra barrels will come from the Halfaya oil field. A Chinese led consortium has won the licenses to drill new wells in Halfaya.

Egypt’s Online Media Blackout Does Little to Hamper Media Communications

Egypt remains in political turmoil but at least it’s media is more or less back on track. But even an online blackout couldn’t stop people from using online media to get the word out.

Poverty Alleviation Policy in Indonesia

Poverty is one of the major problem in Indonesia, as a developing country, which are currently ranked fourth in the list of World’s Most Populous Countries. With the population of over 240 million people, and population growth rate of 2,6 million people per yer, the solution is not simply by overcoming the population explosion, but also by improving the living qualities of the people. Good human resources quality is not only a tangible proof of the State’s successes, but also as a benchmark for comparing Indonesia’s qualities with that of other countries.

Egypt Is Watching the World

Over the past few days, I have watched a peaceful country filled with peace-loving people turn from dismay to protest. The Egyptian people have maintained dignity and decency, but tensions are rising because vital resources have become strained and limited. In a country of 85 million, perhaps several hundreds of thousands or maybe a few million citizens are publicly demanding their right to freedom and justice. Others agree and are supporting the protest from behind the scenes through the provision of food, water, supplies and medical attention. Yet there are many more just struggling to survive and feed their families. These faces, the majority of Egyptians, have not been seen and many are women, but they suffer just the same because of the stressed resources; the limited supplies of food and fuel.

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