Top 10 Glitchiest Bethesda Games

FMCSA Considering Cell Phone Ban for Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has taken several steps in the course of the course of 2010 in order to increase their governance of the Transportation Industry as well as Freight Carrier Market. The FMCSA is not stopping at simply execution of controversial CSA 2010 Regulation. The Administration is actively seeking to control use of hand-held cellular phones by truckers and truck drivers.

How to Accelerate the Development of Africa Using Trade and Not AID

‘AID to Africa’ is phrase that is not new to the majority in the Developed World. Looking at the economic and social condition in the developing world, especially, Africa, it would sound insane for anyone to campaign against foreign AID for Africa but that is what I will try to do here. For many years, African governments have largely depended on Western donors to fund everything from schools, roads and hospitals. In this article, I will suggest a growth model based on trade and less on AID…

Chinese Professional Women, Poor Farmers Left Out in the Cold

With over 20 million men of marriage age more than women it would seem that it would be easy for women to find a husband with so many to choose from. Well things aren’t always as they seem. Some women, due to Chinese class structure, still end up “old maids” before they end up getting old.

Engagement Between Government and Citizen

Engagement is getting important in terms of government and citizen relationship. In one side government ask people to more engage and the other side people want to more participate. The area of engagement or collaboration between government and citizen not only via parliament but also directly through other means.

India Coconuts Prompt Security Measures and Genius Picking Machines

India took special security measures to stem a coconut threat to President Obama during a visit to four Asian democracies. Rapid economic development is leaving ripe coconuts dangling dangerously overhead and spawning desperate recruiting efforts as experienced pickers take advantage of more attractive job opportunities.

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