Top 10 Funniest Songs By Comedians Ever

The Burned Generation

Mohammed Bouazizi was the young man who set himself alight in protest against the lack of economic opportunities available in Tunisia. This young man’s act of desperation may have sparked a revolution in his own country, but what of the millions of unemployed youth in the Arab world? Already others have copied his act in protest. What must be done to prevent a whole generation from becoming burned?

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Who Knows Who’s Next?

As the million person protest scheduled for February 1, 2011 is starting there is chaos in the streets, and regime change in the wind. At issue again is the Internet, social networks, citizen journalists, along with the challenges of governments fighting to control angry mobs of people demanding freedom, liberty, and the ousting of what they deem “unfit to lead” leadership. And so the story goes.

Indian Republic Day

26th January is celebrated as he republic day in India. Our constitution came into force this day. How the day is celebrated is provided in this post.

Does the West Help Oppressive Regimes – Jeopardizing Its Credibility?

It is just amazing how every time there is a crisis in the world it is blamed on the West. If there is a flood somewhere it’s the West’s pollution which has caused “global climate warming change” and if there is human conflict, it must be something the West did too, and so the anti-Western World brigade tries to shape some silly argument for World Mass Media consumption. Still that does not make it so, just because lies are reported doesn’t make them a reality.

Egyptian Riots and Regime Change – Will the Violence Continue?

Not long ago, a controversial blogger from the UK contacted me to debate the realities of the uprisings, marches, protests, and near riots in Egypt. It seems that President Mubarak of Egypt is out, and soon a new President will be in power. This leaves much uncertainty – will the nation go the way of the Muslim Brotherhood or will it move towards greater liberty, democracy, and freedoms?

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