Top 10 Funniest Key and Peele Skits

Can Minding One’s Own Business Keep the Conflict Away?

Mind your own business sounds arrogant and snobbish. The element of truth underpinning the rudeness is the wisdom of sticking to one’s allocated task, role and responsibility. Crossing one’s boundary of defined role and responsibility is interference despite the necessity of justification to the interference for any right reason.

Contemporary Farmers Farmers in China

After reading a short piece online about the new trend in wedding photos for Chinese couples in their twenties – either wearing Speedos, or nude – you can’t help but smile at the cultural shift taking place every day in the world’s most populated country. The other ‘hot’ trend from China recently is dying your dog insane colors. What would Mao make of this?

The Egyptian People Say Now is the Time for Action

On February 1, 2011 the President of Egypt told more than a million angry protesters that he would not run for re-election during the following September Election, after 30-years in power. The moderate silent majority of citizens at home were content that change was afoot. Of course this didn’t satisfy the mass mob, calling for him to step down now.

Tone Down the Rhetoric? The Media Must Be Losing Its Monopoly

Even amidst the wave of hideously noxious media coverage linking conservatives to the massacre at an appearance by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz), USA Today’s January 17th’s “Political talk still stirring up controversy” stands out. In a deplorably odious hit piece, reporter Dennis Cauchon declares — with neither sufficient proof nor candor – that “Today, most of those criticized [for their speech] are conservative Republicans.

What Are the Trigger Events Which Turn Civilization and Human History into Chaos?

The other day I was having a conversation with someone at Starbucks about the entire chaos which is now occurring in Egypt in the cities of Suez, Cairo, and other areas. Apparently the protests and riots in Tunisia were viewed throughout the Muslim world on Al Jazeera. Then some bloggers got a hold of the story and told everyone in Egypt to join in a protest and march on January 25 in Cairo.

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