Top 10 Funniest Everybody Loves Raymond Moments

The Afghan-Pakistan Border in 1980

During Christmas vacation from my teaching job in Bahrain, I traveled to Pakistan in 1980. The Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan months before and refugee camps were being set up in Pakistan. I drove with my husband across Punjab, to Peshawar and then up the 28 miles of the Kyber Pass to the border between Aghanistan and Pakistan where hundreds of refugees were crossing. I recall unforgetable images of that day as I consider the news thirty years later.

Could the West Face a Trade War With China?

Our current recession has exposed a lot of bitterness in Europe and the USA, and how to deal with Industrialized China. If the jobless recovery continues in the West, this could create a demand to regulate and bring home industries outsourced to China.

The 8 0′ Clock English News

There is an upsurge of Private Television in India these days. From the days of the national stranglehold on Television broadcasting during the 70s and the 80s to the days where there are almost infinite consumer choices, TV viewership has perhaps taken a back-step in not accurately broadcasting news that is relevant and appropriate.

Edu Manzano For Vice President?

To start with, I tried to convince myself not to write about the candidacy of Mr. Edu Manzano due to the fact that any publicity is still publicity. But since all of my online and real life friends cant seem to stop talking about it, might as well jump into the bandwagon.

Is Obama’s Approval Rating Slipping Because 2009 America is Myopic?

American President Obama’s approval rating slipped to below 50 percent the week that the memoir of the losing Republican Party’s candidate was launched. He was overseas in Asia at the time, strengthening economic ties in his continued effort to resolve a global economic crisis sparked by the powerful but stagnating American economy. The situation suggested that the perception of America’s mainstream needed adjustment and that the American media needed to get involved.

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