Top 10 Epic Ballet Scenes in Movies

Africa Youth Are Disillusioned With Politics

Far more than half the continent of Africa consists of young people under the age of thirty. They are seen everywhere: in the fields working, sitting on school benches, and on the urban streets and football pitches, but very few are actively involved in mainstream politics in Africa.

Secrets and Dimensions Under the Earth

Recent archeological discoveries in Egypt mark the beginning of re-learning ancient ways to work with the natural world and the planet to help the evolution of man. What more is there to be revealed?

Nation Building: The Difference Between Unity and Uniformity

In nation building, it requires patriotism to recognize the wide difference between the two related terms: unity and uniformity. In places where there are regions, religious differences, tribes, etc, it will take time to achieve progress if uniformity, and not unity, takes the centre stage.

Japanese Gift Giving Customs

In Japan, there are two gift exchange traditions. They are Ochugen and Oseibo. This article provide you with the information on Ochugen and Oseibo.

September 16th, 1810 – The Day the Bell Rang for Independence

There’s a misconception that Cinco de Mayo is in celebration of Mexican Independence. In truth, Mexican Independence day is on the 16th of September. Here is a brief history of events outlining Mexico’s revolt against Spanish rule.

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