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Baluchistan Crisis Calls for Immediate All Parties Conference

The situation reminds us of the panic in East Pakistan before the Fall of Dacca. The common Balochs, who are the victims of terrorism and state autocracy, have only one slogan i.e. freedom. Baloch leadership has camouflaged either in mountains or is out of the region, but the Baloch liberation army is continuously busy in executing armed attacks across the province.

US President Looks Increasingly Weak, Risks Losing Re-Election in 2012

While many analysts assign the huge midterm elections loss as the Democratic Party’s-and Obama’s-point of decline, many others believe that the president’s strength was in shackles long before. Looking increasingly weak, President Obama will need to make a drastic shift in policy in order to remain in the White House after 2012.

Strategy for Action: Using Force Wisely in the 21st Century

As I write now, Afghanistan and Iraq are still playing out, arguably two individual campaigns of a more complex political contest where international terrorism, inspired by extremist Islam, is both a symptom and a tactic. Elsewhere, contemporary developments in North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Georgia and Gaza give pause for thought.

English Speaking Nations Celebrate the Holidays

In just a few short days, Christmas will finally be here. Though citizens of Ireland, Canada, the UK and Australia all share the same language, these nations celebrate the holiday in a variety of ways. The Gaelic culture of Ireland has contributed greatly to modern-day celebrations in the nation.

Top 10 Asian Traditional Costumes of Asia

Asian societies are known for being the oldest human societies on the earth. The modernization of ancient nations like Japan and China in the last century has aroused interest in people to know a great deal about early Asian cultures. Many who learn about these ancient cultures are fascinated by the distinct costume traditions of many countries in Asia.

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